Ms Hollywood Colonel

Ms Hollywood Colonel AKA Blondie is a 13 year old 14.1hh AQHA reg # 4590311Palomino mare. She is incredibly well bred- both Hollywood Jac and Colonel Freckles on her papers. She is VERY easy to be around on the ground, no vices. Ties, loads, NOT MAREISH- Really! I have her stalled next to my kickiest mare on one side and two geldings on the other and she just chooses to stick to herself. Blondie is great on the trail, a regular mountain goat. Sure footed and confident. She walks out but is willing to go whatever speed her rifer chooses- alone is NOT a problem. In a group she will bring up the rear or lead, middle no problem she is not kicky nor does she pin her ears and get pissy when someone comes up too close behind. Blondie is new to the obstacles in the video and took to them like a duck to water. She is a finished ranch/rope horse. She has been used solid through two full seasons of ranch work on a cow/calf outfit. She is the type that you can use for a variety of ranch performance: sorting, alley and feedlot, doctoring, calving, tagging- she has done it all. She is smooth gaited and covers country- loves to work. She would be your number one pick if you needed to pull a horse out fresh and get a job done.


Reba is a 14.1hh 12-year-old sorrel mare with a star. Reba is a higher energy sort of mare but is very safe and very well trained and a very smooth ride. She neck reins, direct reins, leg yields and side passes, has a great back up and uses herself well. I’m told she has done some roping though I have not tested that, as I don’t rope. Reba is sound and healthy and gets along in a herd, not a lead mare she falls into the middle of the pecking order in her current herd. She has great feet and is VERY well mannered on the ground and easy to work with. This video is a great representation of the mare and her personality. She is obedient and willing to work, pops over small jumps in the arena no problem. She has a great canter and feels like she could go all day, she will go anywhere you point her! She’ll pick you up from the fence or mounting block and is very polite to handle. She likes beginners and will babysit in the right situation. Asking $3000 OBO Reba is offered for consignment by the Baddog Training Facility in Seligman, AZ. We have a great group of horses for sale this season, we’d love to tell you about them all.






Scout is a sorrel 9-year-old 15.1hh gelding. He is in good health and has a great personality. We have had him for about 6 months. Prior to us we were told he had done some barrel racing and roping but mainly trail riding. Since owning him we have done trails and obstacles and tons of desensitizing. As you can see in the video he is a real looker. He has no lower front teeth but that does not bother him at all. He does NOT have a hard time keeping on weight; in fact he can even graze. We ride him bitless, bosal, hackamore, halter….. If you are looking for quality on a budget he’s your man. Come on out and bring your trailer!



Choppo is a 14.1hh Buckskin 12-year-old Ranch Gelding. Choppo does it all, has lived/worked on the ranch all his life. He is currently being exposed to competitive style obstacles and trail riding and he is my pick if I need to pony out a young horse in our program for a confidence ride. He is SOLID- Mentally and physically, no vices. He is a great confidence builder for a rider as he will go up, over, or through anything. Water, hills, ditches- all are normal for him. As a ranch horse he has done it all, loves to work. He has done some team penning though he can get strong in an arena environment. Choppo has great feet, is an easy keeper and gets along well with other horses in a herd. I’ve been using him as a dude horse for beginners and he’s a good boy. Everybody loves a buckskin, come try him out on our obstacle course! Coming in from the valley? We’ll let you stay in our toy hauler, we’ve got more than one for sale you can try them all, find a perfect fit. Asking $5900 OBO


Apache – Sold

Apache is a true black Quarter Horse mare. She stands 14.2 hands and is 12 years old. Apache is a sweet mare who is responsive and respectful both on the ground and in the saddle. She has a reining horse type feel and tries hard to please no matter what she is doing.   Apache is very well trained and sensible. She is very sure footed and a real confidence builder on the trail. When she goes down a hill she naturally slows down like shifting into low range, very cool feeling; and she does not rush up the other side either. She will go out alone or in a group. In a group situation I have used her for beginners as she just follows behind sweetly. She is so broke that she is fun for anyone to ride. She could do so many different things. She is for sale because she does not want to do mounted shooting and her owner does. This mare will live in a herd and is healthy and an easy keeper. Beautiful, built right and easy to be around-don’t miss out on this opportunity! The mare is currently located in Seligman, Arizona. Please call or text for more information: 602-565-1514

Blue – Sold

Blue is a 12-year-old blue roan gelding (he looks black, minimal roaning). He stands a solid 14.2hh and is a trail blazing machine! Blue is super sound, has nice straight legs, good solid feet and a great mind. He has been a children’s horse and is very tolerant. On trail rides he will go out alone or in a group. In a group situation he puts his head down and follows like a dude horse if he’s in the back. He can lead trail rides also and is brave in every situation we have come across. He is an easy keeper and is very affectionate. Blue is fun to ride, he has a great canter and is neither too lazy nor too forward, a perfect middle. He doesn’t mind arena work and could be polished up for the show ring, gymkhana events or a number of sports. There is speed in this boy that he would enjoy using. He is sure-footed and amazingly brave when facing steep hills or ditches. He has lived in our herd; all the other horses love him. Blue has proven himself to be pretty unflappable. He has been outstanding in his responses to every desensitizing tool I have presented to him. Usually we spend some time with each object but Blue was unimpressed with everything from the beginning! Blue is a highly intelligent individual who wants a job. Anyone can ride him and he is built to last- a perfect addition for any barn. Please call or text for more information: 602-565-1514


Chance – Sold

Chance is a 4 or 5 year old Missouri Fox Trotter

Fun, Fun, Fun,

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